About Health Fitness Complete

A Message From Jeff P. Wood, Founder of Health Fitness Complete, LLC
"In 2007 I Lost 125lbs. Since then I've used my success, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to help people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you're generally healthy, an athlete, or have medical considerations, I can help you, too!" - Jeff P. Wood

About Health Fitness Complete, LLC
Health Fitness Complete, LLC is a training-based fitness center in Ellensburg, WA.  We offer exceptional personal training and group fitness classes in a semi-private, professional environment. Our personal fitness training programs are custom-designed and tailored to your needs. Our group fitness classes are designed to provide a health and fitness experience unlike anything else in Ellensburg. With our unique approach we're changing the way fitness is done in Ellensburg!

Mission Statement
We're changing the way fitness is done in Ellensburg by providing superior fitness training services using modern training methods based on the foundations of human movement.

What Makes Health Fitness Complete Different?

1.  Our Focus is Professional Personal Training and Fitness Instruction  
Our business is run by fitness professionals and is built upon professional personal training and quality fitness instruction.  Because this is all we do you can be confident you're receiving top quality instruction.

2.  We offer 100% Private* Personal Training  
Our facility is designed and equipped specifically for providing for providing personal fitness training.  While we do work with groups, we also cater to the individual in a private setting.  In addition to our main studio we also have a separate training room to conduct sessions away from the eyes of others.

*100% Private Personal Training may not always be available.

3.  Exercise Programs to Fit You 
We cater to a wide variety of clientele by creating exercise programs that fit their unique needs.  Whether your needs are for better health, you're recovering from an injury, or are athletic in nature, we'll create an exercise program that fits your needs, whatever your needs are. Our personal training programs are designed to cater specifically to you.

4.  Our Training Approach is Based on Movement and Integration  
The foundation of our training programs begin with these four basic principles: 
1) Train the Body Standing Up
2) Perform Full Body, Integrated, Multi-Joint Exercises
3) Train Movements, Not Muscles
4) Maximize Core Function 
Our approach is effective because we train more of the body at once, resulting in more efficient workouts and better results.  Read on for more information.

5.  Our Equipment Selection Drives Results  
Unlike traditional gyms we don't litter our floor with huge machines with limited uses.  At Health Fitness Complete we've designed our facility with various versatile equipment options to get you the results you're looking for.  You'll get so much more out of your workouts at Health Fitness Complete than you would at a traditional gym.

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is governed by these four basic principles:  

1.  Train the Body Standing Up  
Take a look around you when you go to the gym. You'll see a lot of machines with seats, supports, or benches. Sitting while you exercise takes away any opportunity you have to train postural muscles and other musculature. If you train while standing you are forcing yourself to control and strengthen your stabilizing musculature by maintaining active core engagement and postural alignment. This leads to better posture, more calories burned, and a more effective workout! At Health Fitness Complete, you'll notice there aren't a lot of places to sit. This is on purpose; the benefits of standing and moving while you train are far greater than sitting down on a boring, isolative machine.

2.  Perform Full Body, Integrated, Multi-Joint Exercises  
Many current exercise programs can trace their roots back to isolative, bodybuilding techniques and strategies. While this approach may have aesthetic appeal, particularly for men, it is important to understand the limitations of this style of training. Isolated exercises are small, single joint movements that produce limited neuromuscular gains and are inefficient for achieving any other goal besides bulking up. 

By performing full-body, integrated, or multi-joint exercises lean muscle increases in a proportionate, balanced manner, reducing the risk of injury and improving performance. These types of exercises are big movements using multiple joints, often working in multiple planes of motion, that require much more coordination. This technique improves the nervous system's ability to effectively coordinate higher level movements and develops efficient motor patterns, improved stability and functional, lean muscle.

3.  Train Movements, Not Muscles
The usual approach to developing a weight training program has been to separate the body into major muscle groups and train them individually. This approach is easy to swallow and is excellent for bodybuilders, but life and sport require much more of our bodies than standing still and flexing our muscles in front of a mirror. 

The human body produces movement and will make every attempt to use as many muscles as it can synergistically to generate the movement in an efficient, effective manner. Life requires that we move freely through space and not within the confines of a chest-press (or any other) machine or any other restrictive movement pattern. Traditional bodybuilding exercises contradict the nature of how our bodies are designed to move. 

Most typical strength training programs favor movement in the sagittal plane (Back and forth movements. Examples: running, arm curls) far too much. This is an error in exercise program design that produces one-dimensional motor patterns without equal ability to move in any direction. This could lead to joint dysfunction, decreased range of motion, and increased risk of injury. If not properly designed, a muscle-based program can lead to strength imbalances as well as poor neuromuscular development and movement deficiencies in the other, untrained planes of motion.

At Health Fitness Complete, we take a balanced approach to exercise programming so that you can take the training and skills you acquire here and apply them to the real world. We start each client with a functional movement screen and then we design our programs based on movement. Small, isolative exercises aren't typically used except to supplement the exercise program for a very specific purpose (e.g. to correct an imbalance). When you train with Health Fitness Complete, you're sure to have an exercise program that is specifically and professionally designed just for you.

4.  Maximize Core Function  
The core is the foundation for human movement, so a strong, developed core is the cornerstone of all powerful and efficient movement. Engaging the core means so much more than just contracting your abdominal muscles in a crunch or sit-up. Involvement of the core musculature in stabilizing the spine and resisting extension and rotation is just as important as the ability to generate movement. The core stabilizes, enables force production, and is a prime mover for many exercises. At Health Fitness Complete we structure our exercise programs in such a way that not only are you getting a leg or an arm workout but you're also getting a core workout. We believe a strong, developed core is the foundation of a strong, lean, healthy body and that developing the core will help enable you to achieve the results you want in a safe, effective manner.

Our Core Values

We govern ourselves, and ask that our clients govern themselves, by our Core Values

  • Bring your Best Every Time
  • Be Professional
  • Be Honest, Transparent, Humble, and Honorable
  • There are Only Good Days and Great Days
  • Be "We" not "Me"
  • Strive For More Knowledge and Constantly Improve
  • Have Fun and a Sense of Humor
  • Be Resourceful
  • Build Relationships Based on Trust, Respect,and Fun
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Lead the Way