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Group Fitness Classes


Our group fitness program provides a variety of affordable options for those who want to improve their fitness in a friendly, professional and supervised setting. We offer a variety of different classes, including SURFSET Fitness, Total Body TRX & Kettlebell and Yoga. Coming in June we'll also be offering Kung Fu/Kenpo, MMA Conditioning, and Self Defense classes! Check out the class summaries below and click on the links for class descriptions and schedules.


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Kung Fu/Kenpo


The Asian martial arts can be traced back more than 3,000 years to China. The benefits of training in traditional Kung Fu and Kenpo are many. Through ancient exercises one will strengthen the cardiovascular system, tone muscles, and develop balance, coordination and flexibility. In addition to being one of the oldest forms of total health and wellness this system is one of the most proven forms of self-defense in the world.
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MMA Conditioning


This class focuses on building lean muscle, strength and endurance. MMA conditioning is an example of what martial arts fitness is evolving into. This class provides an intense conditioning workout with elements of strength training.
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Self Defense


The ability to defend oneself and acquire strength and confidence are not mysterious secrets that take years to learn and apply. Rather, they are learned through a progressive training program that, when properly followed, develops awareness as well as physical and mental strength and self-confidence.
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SURFSET Fitness is available in Ellensburg ONLY at Health Fitness Complete! Pop up, paddle, and duckdive your way to a lean surfer physique!

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Total Body TRX & Kettlebell


Total Body TRX & Kettlebell is not only a fantastic workout but Ellensburg's ONLY TRX class! This combination of kettlebell training with TRX suspension training provides a unique full body workout you won't find anywhere else in Ellensburg! Squat, press, and explode your way to that toned body you want all while getting an excellent cardio and core workout!

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Our yoga program consists of 3 classes that provide something for everyone, whether you're a beginner or more advanced. Our instructor, Lisha (shown left), is very skilled and thorough in her instruction of yoga.

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